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Book Description

In the first nine chapters of this book Jeff Olsson answers those who have asked why he would want to leave a faith community such as the Anglican Church of Canada and Christianity. A letter to my curious friends is Jeff's personal story where he explains how faith is not always a virtue when those who choose to believe do so at the expense of others.

Chapters ten through twenty eight give a historical perspective on atheism and present a rational world view. Later chapters include a criticism of Augustinian and Papal views on morality and offer humanism as a viable alternative.

Jeff Olsson was an Anglican priest for ten years before he left the ministry. He loves to write about topics that examine the fringes between science and religion. He is father to two beautiful daughters, a husband who loves his wife and an educator who thinks life long learning is the key to happiness. Jeff tells it like he sees it and loves to hear the opinion of others. He is currently the president of the Humanist Association of Manitoba and calls himself an atheist.

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Jeff was 12 years old when a priest knocked on the door of the Olsson family home and invited him to attend church. Jeff accepted the offer and eventually became a born again Christian, played in a church band, taught Sunday school and served as an altar boy. By the age of 32 he had finished ministry training and became an ordained minister in the Anglican Church of Canada.

It soon became apparent that some of his parishioners had been forced to attend an abusive church run residential school system that stripped children of their culture and language and forced them to become Christians. Across Canada 150,000 aboriginal children were affected by this school system. 80,000 former students were represented in a class action lawsuit against the Canadian government and the Churches that administered the schools.

In the years that followed Jeff watched conservative Anglicans rebel rather than accept homosexuals as equal under God and allow them to marry. It quickly became obvious that it was a dogmatic system of belief that was the problem, not the homosexuals or the aboriginals. At first Jeff wondered why God would allow this to happen to these people, he then realized God was not involved at all.

It was time to leave ‘faith’ behind.

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References for Quotations

Unless otherwise stated, All scriptures quoted in this document are taken from the HOLY BIBLE, NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION. Copyright 1973, 1978, 1984 international Bible Society. Used by permission of Zondervan Bible Publishers.

Canadian Residential Schools Links

  1. CBC FAQ (one of the best descriptions of the problem)
  2. National Post - Prime Minister Harper Apologizes
  3. Shannon Thunderbird’s Website
  4. Library Archives of Canada – A collective bibliography and an excellent resource for any serious writer.
  5. Assembly of First nations webpage resource on residential schools in Canada.
  6. Hidden From History – A website claiming that the residential schools were an attempt at genocide.
  7. Wikipedia link on residential schools